I confirm and declare that all confidential and personal information that is disclosed to me or to which I have access during the course of acting as__________________________will be kept strictly confidential, and shall:

  1. not be disclosed or otherwise made available by me to any person, except in accordance with the procedures set out in the safeguarding children policy and procedures;
  2. be used by me only for the purpose of the procedures set out in the safeguarding children policy and procedures.

If I am required to disclose confidential or personal information in accordance with law or by virtue of a court or similar order, other than in accordance with the safeguarding policy and procedures, nothing in this declaration prevents me from doing so. However, in those circumstances, I will inform the relevant Church authority without delay.

I acknowledge that some or all of the confidential and personal information may contain ‘personal data’ and ‘sensitive personal data’ within the meaning of data protection legislation, and I therefore agree to comply with my obligations under this legislation. In so far as I am the data processor in accordance with the Data Protection Acts,[1] then I agree only to process personal data on, and subject to, the instructions of the relevant data controller, maintain appropriate security measures against all unlawful processing in respect of the personal data, and allow the relevant data controller to monitor and audit my compliance with my obligations in respect of personal data.

My obligations under this declaration continue even after I may cease

to act as a _____________________________________.


Signed  _________________________________

Dated  __________________________________




[1]     Data Protection Act 1988 and 2018 (ROI); Data Protection Act 1998 (NI).