Using the information from the initial assessment of risk carried out – and following the risk assessment framework S4.39– an interim management plan is drawn up, if deemed appropriate, based on the level of risk assessed by the Bishop and the DLP. The purpose of a management plan is primarily to safeguard children, but it should also include support for the respondent. At a minimum, a management plan should include the restrictions that have been put in place regarding:

  • Status of public ministry;
  • Contact with children;
  • Clerical clothing;
  • Residency;
  • Monitoring requirements.

Example interim management plan

I, _____________________________ (Bishop) withdraw from you

_____________________________ (respondent) all faculties to preach, hear Confessions or exercise any public priestly ministry in the Diocese of Meath, and hereby issue the following instructions to you in accordance with my care for the well-being of the faithful of the diocese entrusted to my pastoral care.

I further direct that you:

  • Do not exercise the ministry of a priest in public in any form;
  • Do not in future wear clerical dress in public, and I hereby dispense you from the obligation to do so.

Safe behaviour

This written agreement sets out the parameters of the expected conduct that has been established to ensure the ongoing safeguarding of children (and vulnerable adults – add if required).

The above-named person of this agreement will:

  • Live at/with ________________________________________________________________;
  • Agree in writing with the local superior any time (including destination and accommodation details) they are away from this address, e.g. overnight/holidays. Any unforeseen time away from this address will be notified immediately to the Church authority;
  • Avoid being alone with children, and take responsibility for behaving appropriately and removing themselves immediately from any such situations, unforeseen or otherwise;
  • Must not have any contact with the complainant or their family;
  • Discuss any activities or social functions on Church property with child safeguarding personnel, and attend only with the agreement of the Bishop.

Support offered

I have asked ______________________________________to act as your advisor. Their role is to:

  • Keep you informed of the process of the case;
  • Help direct you to counselling and support;
  • Record the dates and times that they have met or been in contact with you. They will report this to the DLP. Should any relevant child safeguarding issue arise during the meetings you have with the advisor, they must report these to the DLP.

The advisor will not:

  • Act as your counsellor;
  • Act as your spiritual guide;
  • Manage or have access to your case file.

Monitoring arrangements

Who monitors


Frequency of visits


Consultation with statutory authorities


Information sharing



Review of interim plan


By whom

Shared with


Signed and dated _______________________________________________ Respondent

Signed and dated _______________________________________________ Bishop

Signed and dated _______________________________________________ DLP