If a child or an adult breaches the code of behaviour, efforts should be made to resolve the issue by:

  • Discussion with and support for the adult or the child;
  • A child or adult may be asked to apologise for their behaviour;
  • In the case of a child/young person, involving their parents/guardians;
  • Agreeing on sanctions;

Sanctions may include:

  •  Time out of group activity;
  • For children, a parent/guardian may be asked to attend group activities with their child for a period of time;
  • For adults, retraining in leadership skills, code of behaviour, etc. may be required;
  • For children, the code of behaviour should be revisited and agreed upon;
  • Monitoring behaviour and support on an ongoing basis;
  • In serious cases, suspension or even exclusion from the group should be considered;
  • Formal reporting to statutory authorities.