Each parish has two or more Parish Safeguarding Representatives (PSR) who can be contacted through the local Parish Office. They have undertaken  child protection training, are familiar with parish activities and are available to staff, volunteers and parishioners.

The role of the Parish Safeguarding Representative, being responsible to the parish priest, is to promote the safeguarding of children by:

• Raising awareness of what child safeguarding is;

• Disseminating information regarding the standards and guidance, and circulating this information widely;

• Ensuring Church activities are provided in a way that ensures the safety and well-being of the children involved;

• Ensuring that the contact details of the DLP, Gardaí and Tusla are widely publicised;

• Upholding the seven standards in practice and behaviour.

• overseeing the implementation of this policy at parish level, carrying out an annual review and reporting to the parish clergy.