These links are being modified at present (9 October 2019) in light of updates which were made to Standard 3 of the Guidance Document in September 2019. When all these links have been put in place, this orange text will be removed. The updated guidance document can be accessed by clicking the graphic alongside >>>>

3.1 Quality Assurance

3.2 Compliance visits by the Bishop

3.3 Parish Safeguarding Audit

3.4 Annual Report Made by DLP to Bishop

3.5 Safeguarding Handover and Induction of a New Bishop or DLP

3.6 SCC Constitution

3.7 Three Year Child Safeguarding Plan for the Diocese of Meath

3.8 Annual Report on Safeguarding

3.9 Guidance on Crisis Management

3.10 Serious Incident Reviews

3.11 Reviews carried out by the NBSCCCI