One of the primary methods (alongside the annual report written by the DLP to the Bishop) of ensuring compliance with the seven child safeguarding standards is the conducting of a parish child safeguarding audit on Standards 1, 5 and 6.

Each standard contains a list of indicators that give details of the steps to meet the standard, and advises on ways to provide evidence that the standard has been met.


  1. The Safeguarding Children Committee (SCC) selects the appropriate version of the safeguarding audit, which relates to the indicators contained in the child safeguarding policy. As the Diocese has ministry with children, all of the indicators apply.
  2. The SCC forwards the audit for completion by parishes on an annual basis.
  3. Returns are scrutinised for compliance by the safeguarding committee.
  4. An annual report is prepared for the Bishop, with a review of compliance and recommendations for further action and improvement.
  5. Recommendations for change are incorporated into to the three-year Child Safeguarding Plan.

The Bishop notifies the NBSCCCI by the end of January each calendar year that:

– The local child safeguarding audit has been completed;

– The annual report made by the DLP has been completed.


The Annual Report and Three-year Safeguarding Action Plan are available on the website