All aspects of safeguarding children are the responsibility of the Bishop. Most of the functional roles are delegated to others, but the responsibility to ensure all necessary child safeguarding actions have been taken rests with the Bishop.

It is therefore essential that the Bishop, upon coming into office, familiarise himself with the child safeguarding policy and procedures, the child safeguarding structure, personnel, and case management records.

Where possible, the incoming Bishop should:

  • Meet with the outgoing Bishop in person to share all relevant issues;
  • Meet with the Chair of the safeguarding committee to familiarise himself with the processes that are in place to create safe environments, including training and communication;
  • Meet with the DLP to receive a briefing on all cases against living priests, which includes the status of inquiries, Church investigations, management plans and responses to complainants.


  • New DLPs should receive an induction for their role.
  • New DLPs should review all case files of living priests against whom there are allegations.
  • Where possible, the outgoing DLP should meet with the incoming DLP to share issues of significance in relation to case management.