Standard 2

2.1 Definitions of abuse

2.2 Reporting Allegations of Abuse

2.2A Guidance on Protection for Persons Submitting a Report

2.4 Guidance on Cross-Referencing Safeguarding Policies

2.5 Responding to an Adult Making an Allegation of Abuse

2.6 Responding to a Child Making an Allegation of Abuse

2.7 Responding to an Anonymous Allegation of Abuse

2.8 Responding to Someone who makes an Allegation that does not relate to Church Personnel

2.9 Allegations against lay personnel

2.9A Responding to Someone (Lay or Religious) who Admits to Abusing a Child

2.10 Child Safeguarding and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

2.10A Managing Child Safeguarding Allegations, Suspicions, Concerns or Knowledge Received During the Extra Sacramental Internal Forum

2.11 Case Management Records

2.12 Regular Liaison with Statutory Authorities

2.13 Information Sharing

2.14 Interagency cooperation

2.15 Dealing with Complaints

2.16 Guidance on Protected Disclosures (Whistle-blowing)

2.17 Disciplinary and Grievance procedures 

2.18 Process for dealing with non- compliance with safeguarding policy/ procedures

2.29 Process for clerics following conclusion of any investigation by statutory authorities

2.35 Mandated Persons

2.39 Responding to Allegations Against a Deceased Member of Church personnel

2.41 Managing Allegations, Suspicions, Knowledge and Concerns that a Cleric or Religious has Abused a Child Through Child Pornography

2.42 Guidance on Responding to an Allegation Against a Cleric or Non Ordained Religious Belonging to an Irish Diocese or Province, who is Ministering in Another Church body in Another Jurisdiction

2.43 Guidance for Respondents on Access to Records Held by the Diocese

2.44 Guidance for Complainants on Access to Records Held by a Church Body