Those who have alleged child abuse will receive a compassionate response from Church personnel and be offered access to appropriate care, advice and support. The Diocese of Meath has in place a safeguarding structure that provides consistent and effective responses to the safeguarding needs of child and adult complainants across the Church as a whole. Complainants will be listened to and heard to ensure that any allegation or disclosure of abuse is handled compassionately, effectively and professionally.

Those recruited to fulfil these roles will be selected following clear criteria, in accordance with safe recruitment practices (1.1). Given the highly sensitive nature of this work, everyone involved must abide by the highest possible standards of professional conduct in all aspects of their work, including the maintenance of appropriate confidentiality. Any potential applicants for these roles will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract (S4.5)

The Bishop has appointed a support person who is available to those who make an allegation/disclosure of abuse, if the complainant so wishes.