A cleric or religious may return to live or be placed in a different Church body area and a request made by the Church authority for the local Ordinary to arrange monitoring visits to oversee the monitoring aspect of the Permanent Management Plan. In such circumstances the receiving Church authority should request the following information:

• Full details of the allegations

• Outcome of any criminal or civil processes

• Outcome of any canonical inquiries

• Any assessment of risk undertaken

The DLP or another appropriately identified person who has been asked to take on the monitoring role should liaise with the relevant person in the responsible Church body and agree written details of the monitoring aspect of the Permanent Management Plan. It is important to clarify who maintains responsibility for the respondent.

A written agreement between the responsible Church authority and the person who is taking on the monitoring role should set out:

• Frequency of meetings with the respondent.

• Identification and assessment of the support needs of the respondent and how to put in place care and management mechanisms to ensure that their spiritual, psychological, health and social needs are addressed and met;

• Assessment as to whether or not the plan is being adhered to;

• The maintenance of records of all contact made with the respondent, and recording of any issues emerging in relation to child safeguarding matters and passing them to the Church Authority responsible for the respondent.;

• Who should pass on all child safeguarding concerns to the responsible civil authority ;

• Liaison with the respondent’s family members, as required;

• Liaison with the NBSCCCI, where appropriate;

• Liaison with child safeguarding personnel, e.g. advisers, where appropriate.
The services of an advisor should be available to the respondent throughout the entire process, should the respondent wish. The advisor will provide a vital service in ensuring that the support needs of the respondent are heard and met during this time.