It is recognised that the internet is valuable and widely used. Within the Church context, clear guidelines will be inserted into the code of behaviour for each Church activity involving children.

The following are deemed unacceptable behaviours, and must be avoided in every situation:

  • Visiting internet sites that contain offensive, obscene, pornographic or illegal material;
  • Using a computer to perpetrate any form of fraud or piracy;
  • Using the internet or email systems to send offensive and harassing material to others;
  • Using obscene or racist language in computer-assisted communications;
  • Publishing defamatory or otherwise false material generated by oneself or by others through social networking;
  • Introducing any form of malicious software into the used network;
  • Intentionally damaging any information communication technology equipment;
  • Using another user’s password, or giving that password to a third party.

It is important that the following points are made clear to all who use the internet:

• All Church personnel/volunteers/group leaders must be made aware of their responsibility, and sign up to appropriate use of the internet as part of a code of behaviour (1.4);

  • Responsibility is about safeguarding children, taking care of oneself, one’s co-workers and group leaders;
  • Anyone using a shared computer requires their own individual password;

Training in appropriate and responsible internet and computer use is advised in order to follow best practice in all activities that concern children, co-workers and volunteers