Latest newsletter and other updates

Click here for our Spring 2018 Child Safeguarding Newsletter. It includes the annual report on safeguarding activities in the Diocese of Meath last year. This newsletter can be shared with parish safeguarding representatives, volunteers and other interested parties.

The Child Safety Statement has been signed by Bishop Smith. This Statement is a new requirement under the Children First Act 2015. It does not change anything that is already part of our existing policy and procedures. We are required to ask parishes to keep a copy of this Statement in your parish files. Click here to download the Statement.

We appreciate the many efforts being made with the demands of Garda vetting. In order to help parishes with this legal requirement, we have posted a new permanent link on the top menu on the homepage of the menu. The Garda vetting form is available there and can be easily downloaded. In addition, we have created a new email address for parishes and schools to contact Linda Duncan (our Garda Vetting secretary). Linda can now be contacted directly at [email protected].

Finally, the next full-day safeguarding training will take place at Trim Castle Hotel on Saturday 24 March, from 11.00am until 3.00pm. The session is primarily intended for parish clergy and parish safeguarding representatives for whom it has been several years since they took part in the full-day training, as well as for any new parish safeguarding representatives. We reviewed the parish self-audits and it is evident that, in a number of parishes, some personnel need to attend this training session. There are approximately 20 places available for training. Click here for the booking form.