Safeguarding Awareness Day

9 October 2022

Liturgical ideas

  • Ask the parish safeguarding representatives and the liturgy committee to work together in preparation for Masses on Safeguarding Sunday.
  • Where possible, include children/young people in the Mass, whether to recite the Prayers of the Faithful or the prayer before/after Holy Communion.
  • Adult volunteers, such as the sacristan or choir leader, may be asked to take part in the Presentation of the Gifts.
  • Check that the safeguarding poster is in place and updated – if not, new posters are available from the Diocesan Office.

Prayer of the Faithful for Safeguarding Awareness Day

We pray in thanksgiving to God for the children and young people who take part in our parish life, for their parents and for our volunteers who assist them.  Lord hear us…


Possible notice for parish newsletters

Our safeguarding children team is made up of M & N. We work with Fr O (and the parish council) to help ensure a positive experience for children taking part in parish activities.

We have a safeguarding policy which is available from the parish office, and we have various procedures which some of you may be familiar with. These include codes of behaviours for the children and the adults involved in parish activities, consent forms which parents sign before children participate in activities, adequate supervision and good recruitment practices. The parish representatives, together with Fr O, have been invited to updated training in this work this autumn.

The long period of lockdown in our parishes had far reaching consequences, one of which includes the decrease in children and young people taking part in parish activities, even the basics, such as altar servers and junior readers. Bishop Deenihan is keen for normal parish life to resume. This safeguarding awareness day gives us an opportunity to focus on how best our parish can encourage children and young people to have active ministries in our parish and to ensure they are both safe and welcome.

We would like to acknowledge the children and young people who take part in our parish activities and hope they will continue to be part of our parish life. Thanks also to the volunteers and to the parents. Your enthusiasm, care and welcoming manner play a huge part in ensuring that children and young people have a positive experience in our parish.