October 2020 edition of NBSCCCI eNewsletter

The October 2020 newsletter is now available:
Topics included are:
  • Governance Requirements
  • Quality check in line with GDPR requirements
  • Reviews of Child Safeguarding Practice
  • Training and Support
  • Training Manuals Pickup
  • Guidance Updates
  • Annual Self Audits
  • Data Protection and Data Destruction 
  • Guidance, Advice and Practice (GAP) papers
  • Postponement of Biennial Conference on the Theology of Safeguarding
  • Notification of Allegations and Advice offered by the National Board
  • Safeguarding Statements
  • Resources
    – Link to the Centre for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, https://childprotection.unigre.it/ 
    Webinar presentations of Dr Nuala Kenny, Professor Gabriel S. Dy-Liacco, Hans Zollner, SH and Prof Ernesto Caffo – including their Powerpoint files
    – Keynote Address of Prof Dr Myriam Wijlens
    – Address of Ger Crowley (Diocese of Limerick)
    – Proceedings of 2017 international conference “Child Dignity in the Digital World”
    – Child Online Safety: Minimizing the Risk of Violence, Abuse and Exploitation Online