Annual Report 2016

Annual Report Safeguarding 2016

This report has been generated to comply with Standard 7 (Quality Assuring Compliance with the Standards) of the NBSCCCI document – Safeguarding Children: Policy and Standards 2016. 

The National Board requires that a parish safeguarding audit is carried out, returns are scrutinised by the safeguarding committee, an annual report is prepared for the Bishop – with a review of compliance and recommendations for further action and improvement – and that these are incorporated into the three-year child safeguarding plan. This process applies to Standards 1,5 and 6.

The Annual Report verifies, inter alia, that the Diocese:

  • Puts in place arrangements to ensure and evaluate its compliance with the safeguarding standards at local level
  • Produces a report on the level of compliance established through this audit exercise
  • Notifies the National Board in writing of the completion of this annual audit report.

A report is also prepared for the Bishop, by the DLP, on Standards 2,3 and 4 and recommendations for action and improvements incorporated into the child safeguarding plan.

Notification that these processes have been completed will be sent to the National Board by the Bishop.


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