A shrine is a Catholic church or other sacred place which with the approval of the local ordinary is by reason of special devotion frequented by the faithful as pilgrims (Canon 1230).  To be considered a National Shrine the approval of the National Episcopal Conference is necessary.  For it to be described as International, the approval of the Holy See is necessary (Canon 1231).

For visiting clerics or those in any form of consecrated life, ministering in Shrines and National Shrines in Ireland

  • Prior to the visit, where there is an intention to engage in public ministry, all visiting clerics and those in any form of consecrated life must follow 1.15. In particular:
  • If the visiting cleric is ministering at a one-off event which isn’t considered a regulated activity (as defined in 1.2) the cleric must provide his celebret for inspection by the parish priest or duly delegated person and this should be noted beside the visitor’s signature in the register.
  • If the ministry is for a short-term basis, the visiting cleric must follow the requirements set out in 1.15.
  • If the ministry is being carried out by a non-ordained religious then the guidance outlined in 1.15 must be followed.

Visiting Clerics celebrating or concelebrating Mass at Shrines outside Ireland

  • If the Shrine is outside of Ireland all child safeguarding requirements of the organisation within which the ministry takes place must be followed.
  • The main celebrant must allocate responsibility for each cleric wishing to concelebrate to have their celebret cards checked to ensure they are in good standing.
  • A cleric who is out of ministry due to child safeguarding concerns must not attempt to celebrate any sacrament in public while abroad.