I [INSERT NAME OF BISHOP] as Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath,

having taken account of the circumstances of the allegations against you [INSERT NAME OF RESPONDENT], and agree with the findings of the conclusion of the administrative process/penal trial [DELETE AS APPROPRIATE] of [INSERT DATE OF ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS/PENAL TRIAL] .

Which found that you have violated the 6th Commandment (Canon 1395 and Article 6 of motu proprio sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela).

I have set out the conditions under which you must live in the attached Permanent Management Plan, which you must agree to abide by.

In particular this plan sets out the following key conditions:

  • You will reside at [INSERT DETAIL]
  • You will not minister in public
  • You may not wear clerical garb
  • You must not have any unsupervised contact with children (including having electronic or written communication)
  • You must not contact the complainant or their family

This precept will remain in place permanently, but will be reviewed [INSERT DETAILS].

Yours Sincerely