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Independent audit praises the "dynamism, commitment and expertise" in the Diocese of Meath.

The NBSCCCI review was undertaken in December 2013 and January 2014. The purpose of the review is to confirm that current safeguarding practice complies with the standards set down within the guidance issued by the National Board and that all known allegations and concerns have been appropriately dealt with. 

In its summary, the report concludes as follows:

“The reviewers consider that safeguarding children in the Diocese of Meath is a responsibility taken with the utmost seriousness by diocesan personnel under the leadership and direction of Bishop Smith. The safeguarding team have collectively impressed as a dynamic, hardworking and highly informed group. Together they have brought their expertise to bear in developing a comprehensive safeguarding policy and implementation strategy. It is clear from all sources of information reviewed that there is great enthusiasm and determination in the diocese to oversee the best possible practice. … It is evident that Bishop Smith has shown commitment to and leadership in the development of very good standards in the child safeguarding policies, procedures and practices of the Diocese of Meath. The dynamism, commitment and expertise demonstrated by all whom the reviewers came into contact with are highly commended.” (pp 34 – 35)

Click here for the statement from Bishop Smith and the full text of the report.